An editor plays a crucial role in providing credible content for a website. Every website has a certain kind of target audience and if you cannot serve that target audience, you will lose them soon. For example, a website promoting student loans or academic grants and scholarships can quickly lose out on vital traffic if the content on the website does not fully respect the IQ of those visiting it. By respecting the visitor’s IQ I mean, the content in not well researched, facts based and authentic. Another thing that is crucial is the language being perfect; crisp, tightly woven sentences with perfect grammar. This is the job of an editor and a good editor can turn trash into gold. So, how to be the best editor you can be? Let’s have a look.

1. Perfect grammar and correct spelling

Perfect grammar and correct spellings are like an editor’s two eyes. An editor cannot edit blindly, he needs to have perfect eye sight to be able to pick up an over expressive or loop-sided content writer’s mistakes. So, get your grammar and spelling in order!

2. The value of deadlines

It has to be the editor’s job to make sure writers meet deadline. If you as an editor are handling more than one writer, practice and effectively implement your managerial skills and make sure your team delivers.

3. Be a team player.

Don’t make yourself unapproachable by taking up “being-the-boss” role too seriously. Don’t boss around your writers since they won’t be able to perform under such stress. Instead be a team player by keeping your team motivated with positive and constructive feedback. Playing the boss card could cost you your best writers.

The points mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. It takes a lot to be a good editor but these points will help you get started. So, start off on these first and eventually build from that point on.