It’s amazing how easily people sit to research whatever they want on the web, browse through content without even giving the content writer a second thought. What content writer? Some might say, well the content writer who has worked hard on what you are reading to be credible enough. It is the writer whose writing style, amount of information added and level of grip on the language, which you have found credible enough to stop by and read his content.

So what exactly is it that makes a good writer better than others? Here are 4 qualities of a great content writer.

1. Know Your Subject

Whatever you write about, make sure you know it well. If you don’t! Your writing will scream “inadequate” from the top of its lungs. Research your topics well, even if you consider yourself an expert on it. Offer the readers more value than they had expected and you’ll have them hooked for life.

2. Set Your Tone

The way you write is the voice the readers are hearing in their mind when they read. Choose this tone according to what you are writing about. You cannot sound too casual if you are talking about a tragic event or sound sarcastic in an advisory piece. Your tone can easily alienate your reader, so choose it wisely.

3. Keep it short and simple!

Don’t overdo on giving information. Yes, the readers want as much information as they can possibly get, but there is such a thing as “too much information”. Keep your sentences short and crisp and don’t get caught-up in the seductive trap of long narratives.

4. Respect Your Reader!

Don’t pepper your writing with speculation and gossip, unless that’s what the flavor of your piece is. Otherwise, show respect for your readers by telling them the truth and giving them the facts. Remember, even the “flakiest” of readers can make out when you are feeding them fluff so be careful and don’t take them on a ride.

This is just the beginning of a good writer, there are more skills to learn and techniques to master before you can be truly exceptional. So, stick around since there is so much more to learn.