Writing a product review that sells might come across as a simple task; research the product and give your mixed up take on it, but if it’s a paid product review, borrowed ideas will just not cut it (for long). So here is my initial and most basic advice about HOW to write a product review that will not just earn you money but might get you noticed as well.

Know your Product like no one else Does!

One of the biggest mistake novice review writers make is not doing enough research. Reading 2-3 rough reviews of the product on various sites and then sitting down to write your own review is not worth the money someone is paying you to do it. If experiencing the product firsthand is not possible, then research it like your life depends on it. Find everything you could possibly need to know about it and THEN write. Research like you are thinking to buy it yourself- that’s the secret of writing a product review that sells. Remember! Knowledge is the ink of a writer’s pen.

Keep an Open Mind!

Next thing to remember is not to get biased by the opinion you read. Sometimes, a poor marketing strategy is responsible for negative products reviews rather than its own quality or utility. A lot of times the movies which fall flat on their face at the box office are a treat to watch in the seclusion of your bedroom, and those which the world is raving about, turn out to be a complete mood buster for you. So, don’t get influenced by what the majority is saying. If the reviews are getting you confused, go check out the marketing literature of the product on its official website and decide for yourself. However, at end of the day, a product needs to sell itself too, so don’t go overboard in your positive reviews either. Don’t write a product review that seems like it’s a paid stunt.

Know Your Subject!

Never over estimate your own depth. As a female writer (you might consider this stereotyping), I am more comfortable reviewing products that I myself have had the experience of using.  If you ask me to write about sub-marines, I will write, since I know how to, but even the blind will see right through my lack of experience with something so technical. However, a piece on relationships’ or cookery or similar might have you eating out of my hand. So, never get into situations you are not sure of. Just like people can hear a smile on the phone, they can make out a writer’s inadequacy from writing, which otherwise seems perfect in every sense of the word.