A lot of writers get confused about the difference between blog, web copy and articles in marketing. Here is a short description between all three.

Website Copywriting

Copy is generally always used for marketing purposes and is always written with an audience in mind. It is always attention grabbing and supported by gimmickry that will attract the readers to read it at least once. The attention span required for an advertising copy is just a few minutes and even though it may grab a reader’s attention for just a few seconds, due to its language and message, its retention power is far greater than that of a blog or article. This is why getting a copy written will cost you much more than getting a blog or article written.

Blog Writing

A blog is just a small piece of basic information about anything it is written about. It is always written in a conversational style and works with addressing the reader personally. Making it sound as if the blog was written specifically for them. A good blog will disperse as much information as it can within as little space as possible, and by the end of the blog it will have successes in making a lasting connection with the reader. A good blog will be laced with information about the blogger’s personal experience and tips or techniques, so that it feels like a conversation between two friends rather than a serious vehicle of hard core information.

Article Writing

On the other hand, an article is all about being serious and down to business. The tone is very professional and the amount of information given is not restricted. The writer chooses how much information he wants to disperse in as many words as he desires. The tone is serious and straight forward, with no hint of getting personal with the reader. Articles are read by a specific target audience who demands a very impersonal approach of getting information. A good article writer will remember this requirement and research the topics thoroughly, since once a reader finds any kind of ambiguity with what you have written your audience is lost forever.