Copywriters are amazing people; they can grab your attention without even being physically present. It’s just the sheer attention grabbing qualities of their words that do it. But when it comes to writing for marketing purposes, it is hard for some companies to decide if it is better to conquer their target audience with a copy or to submerge them in information with an article. Now since I have been a copywriter half my life, let me tell you a few things which might help you decide.

Remember that during the initial stages of marketing your product or services, each second is of crucial importance. The internet is full of attention grabbing headlines and activities. The longer you spend in getting your audience interested in your product the harder it will get. A headline written by a copy writer will instantly grab the readers attention with its language and gimmickry. This might take just a few seconds but as long as these seconds get your product noticed, that’s all you need. In comparison to this, an article offers a slow build up of conversation and information, and dispersing information about your product with such a strategy will work once the product or service is firmly established and has created its own unique niche in the market. This is when copywriting is better than an article.

It is true that you can launch your product with the help of exciting copywriting techniques and couple this effort with articles about your product on relevant sites. Some might tell you, this could provide your advertising campaign twice the power and edge, but trust me! Spending money on articles at this point of your marketing campaign is a waste of time. No one is looking for your product at the moment and forcefully pushing it under their noses could backfire. So, spend like crazy on advertising and copywriting during the initial stages, since this is when copywriting is better than an article.