SEO News

Last week an announcement was made by the internet marketing company, Webtyde to help businesses enhance their web presence in New Orleans. It proposed SEO plans for local businesses. The offer was made for businesses of all types and sizes, but was particularly meant to help small enterprise owners in New Orleans.

Webtyde offers two main types of SEO packages for small business vendors. The local SEO package has “Local SEO business listing” and “Local SEO Business Listings + Social Media Optimization”. The company reiterated that this move has been taken to increase the visibility of small businesses and help them establish their online brand.

Webtyde’s CEO, Allyson Seitzler stated that higher rankings in search results can not only be attained by huge businesses, but small enterprises can be on the top as well. He further explained that with the least cost, local businesses can get their potential customers easily via online media. For the amount they spend on local print advertisements, they can get higher rankings on local as well as leading search engines.

To improve their web presence, Webtyde shall create and improve their Local SEO business listings on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp and Yellow Pages. It also offers businesses with keyword-oriented media promotions on social networks.

Seitzler also noted that although Webtyde is a New Orleans based SEO and Internet marketing company, their SEO services are available for everyone around the world. Webtyde can effectively and easily highlight and list the businesses of their customers on the internet, no matter where they are located.